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Sujit Vaidya is a freelance solo Bharatanatyam performer, based in Vancouver, Canada. After his initial training with Mandala Arts in Vancouver, he now receives advanced training under Guru A. Lakshman in Chennai.


Sujit has performed extensively, in India, Canada, USA and Europe. He has also been part of several duet and group productions with various companies, including Co. ERASGA (Vancouver), Dakshina Dance (Washington DC), and Nrithyalakshana (Chennai) to name a few. He has performed as part of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics at the BC Victory Ceremonies and at the Contemporary Dance Festival in Ottawa.


He is the first South Asian artist to have received the Vancouver City’s

Mayor’s Award as best emerging dance artiste. He has had the privilege

of opening the annual Gait To The Spirit Dance Festival in Vancouver in

2010 and was invited back to close the long running festival in November of

last year.


Sujit has been part of several productions such as “The Meeting Rivers”

and “Five Faces” to name a few, and his newest production, "Swapna Maya,

Dreams of an Illusion” premiered at the Dance Centre in Vancouver, on

May 16th, 2015 to a full house and rave reviews.


He was invited to be on the jury for Canada Council for the Arts in June

2015, as well as a panelist for the 25th anniversary of Sampradaya Dance,

(Toronto) in July 2015 by Sampradaya’s artistic director Lata Pada, the

leading pioneer of classical dance in Canada.


He has performed extensively at the Chennai Dance Festival and

continues to present solo work every year.